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Company: Industrial st. / SeromDaro Road / Tabriz / Iran
Tehran Office: unit 22 / Armita Building / Ayatollah Kashani Boulevard / Tehran / Iran



Products and Services

2 types of products are being manufactured in our company:

– Rotogravure Printing cylinder

– Flexography printing plate

Rotogravure printing cylinders:

This type of product is categorized in two types: “steel” and “engraved”. Both get manufactured with/without shafts.

Flexography printing plates:

This product is manufactured in 2 types of thickness: (1.14 mm to 2.84 mm), as low thickness and (2.84 mm to 6.35 mm), as high sickness.

Plate making process:

First, every raw photopolymer plate gets cut in different size and thickness. Then illustrated files and images get engraved on the surface of the plate by very advanced image setter machines. This process removes the carbon layer from the surface of the plate and presents the graphical images. Next, the imaged plate receives special lights inside advanced exposure machines. This lighting process makes the non-carbon parts of the plate turn into polymer. In the next step, the exposed plate gets washed and cleaned by special solvents. Washing process, wipes out excessive monomers from the surface of the plate. After the washing process, the printable parts of the plate are embossed and exposed. Finally, the wet plate gets dried and exposed for the last time in order to be firm and ready for the printing process. 


All the graphic designs and images illustrated by designers which finally get printed on various substrates, before turning into printing cylinders or printing plates, must be checked and controlled by graphic experts, and in case of having any technical problem in the images, it gets corrected and prepared for the next steps. Undoubtedly, this strict way of checking received files and images from customers, ensures us to manufacture clean and flawless products. To have such services, there must be a professional team with special facilities. Our graphic unit’s team has such capacities and features which is unprecedented in the whole country.